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The addition of the RDS system and options for competition or duty disciplines make the Athena the single most flexible, purpose built, 9mm hi-cap available today. The v2 Athena includes the new modular Atlas Alpha Grip.
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Barrel Length/Type: 4.6 Bull

Sight Radius inches: 6.4

Total Weight ounces: 38oz

Trigger Break weight: < 2lb

Rear Sight: .120 RDS ADJ

Front Sight Type/Size: Fiber .250Tx.115W

Recommend Maint interval: 10k

Optic Ready (RDS): Yes

Recoil Spring Length/LB: 4.6, 9lb

Main Spring: 17

Magwell: Tac or Carry

Finish type: Matte

Grip Texture: Standard Panel

Grip Material: AL

High Grip Ambi Safeties: Yes

Tactical Rail: Yes